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Do you want to renovate a property?

Using, you’ll get a modern project made with the use of preselected construction materials, optimized by the cost and speed of works.


We’re changing the way the World thinks about residential renovation

We have reinvented the process of a residential property renovation. Now you do not need to look for an architect or a construction company, wait and coordinate the project. You place an order and sign an electronic contract. We do a survey, a modern project, cool renderings and calculate the price of works.  Whether you want to sell your property or make remodeling, our technological solutions will simplify the process as much as possible. You will see and feel how your home will look after the reconstruction and have a project on hand with the bill of quantities.

Refit designed for any property

Any real estate after refit becomes more liquid, costs more, sells faster. You can also give a modern look to your property or adjust it to the changed conditions.


Here's how it works

Let’s make it simple

1. Fill the form and book refit

Send us some photos of you property and sign an electronic agreement

2. Pick a time for survey

We will do the checkup, survey and 360 degree photos of your property

3. Get a refit project

Including plans, visualizations and bill of quantities

Why do our customers sell for more?

You pay only after the sale

We work in the manner of property agents. You do not have to pay anything in advance but only when you successfully sold the property.

Sell faster

The property with smart plans, modern photorealistic visualizations and calculated price of works getting much more requests and views from the potential buyers. Such property sells faster.

Get on average 10% more

To sell used real estate, especially in poor condition, you need to give a substantial discount. With, the price increases significantly as the buyer compares your property to a newly built

Before you call your agent and put your property up for sale, order a refit from us. Very often a property is sold for less than its real value due to the inability to show its full potential.
Statistically, repairs for sale don't pay off the investment. Staging also requires an investment and the end result rarely increases the value of the property.
With, you don't need to make an investment in a property for sale. And that means you don't risk anything. We will do the project and you will put a completely different property for sale.

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