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About us

Core Business is a collaborative venture founded by experts in IT, Data Science, Architecture, and Property Development. Our mission is to modernize the traditionally conservative property market. We focus on helping property owners to unlock their property's potential in the current market context.

Services Provided

Valuation and Liquidity Analysis
Many property owners struggle to accurately assess the value of their assets, often leading to overestimation and slow sales, or undervaluation and lost profits. Our proprietary algorithms evaluate land and building prices, renovation costs, and potential rental incomes, both short-term and long-term.

We offer a renovate-to-sell service that prepares properties for the market in their most appealing condition, which helps to maximize the sale price. This service includes managing the entire process from property inspection to work management, providing legal assistance, and creating VR experiences for potential buyers.

Risk-Free Transactions
Our approach ensures that both sellers and buyers engage in transactions without taking unnecessary risks or making additional investments. This strategy aims to cultivate long-term customer relationships.

Collaboration with Agencies

In the competitive realm of property sales, where traditional agencies face challenges from digital platforms, provides a significant advantage. We offer services that enhance customer value, such as renovate-to-sell, helping agencies attract new clients and secure exclusive, marketable properties. Our program includes cooperation with property agencies, supplying tools, expertise, and support.

Investor Relations

As a dynamic and innovative company, uses advanced algorithms and software at every stage of our process, from property inspection to back-office support. In 2023, we received an innovation award from the Chamber of Commerce of Como-Lecco and participated in the ComoNext Startup Incubator program. We seek investors who are eager to contribute to our growth and help us expand into new markets.


Contact Information

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