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Sell your old apartment and secure up to 15% extra with zero risk

mockuuups-iphone-12-clay-mockup-perspective-left-exp.png will create appealing designs for your property and sell it with renovation works included.

How it works

Are you noticing the ongoing shortage of renovated properties on the market? 

Many buyers are actively seeking modern apartments. That’s where comes in. We specialize in transforming dated apartments into stunning, highly appealing homes that catch the eye of buyers willing to pay a premium.

With our cutting-edge technology, we can provide a virtual glimpse of what your apartment will look like after renovations are complete. This allows us to secure a sale before any physical work begins, ensuring everything aligns with your vision.

Best of all, you won’t need to invest any money or take any risks. Let us handle everything and watch as your property’s value soars!

What we do for you


Free inspection of your apartment without any obligations.


High-quality designs showing how your property will look after the renovation.


Tours for buyers using Virtual Reality glasses.


In four weeks, we'll list your property for sale  with the renovation project included.

3 easy steps

Let’s make it simple 

1. Fill the form and book refit 

Send us some photos of you property and sign an electronic agreement 

2. Pick a time for survey 

We will do the checkup, survey and 360 degree photos of your property 

3. Sign the agreement

Refit.Space will take care of all the rest: from new designs to the sale


Sell 2x faster thanks to attractive images and virtual tours.

€30,000 average increase in earnings for a 2-bedroom apartment.

€0 spending by the seller (commission paid only after the deed).


Why renovated properties cost more

You pay only after the sale

We operate like property agents. You don’t have to pay anything in advance; payment is only due when you successfully sell the property.

Sell faster 

Properties featuring smart plans, modern photorealistic visualizations, and included renovations receive significantly more requests and views from potential buyers, leading to quicker sales.

Get on average 10% more 

Selling used real estate, especially in poor condition, typically requires a substantial discount. With, the price increases significantly as buyers compare your renovated property to newly built ones.

According to statistics from Agenzia delle Entrate, the price for a renovated apartment in Milan is 40% higher than one in normal condition, and up to 60% higher in internationally recognized areas like Lake Como. Some renovations increase the price more than others, with new bathrooms and flooring among them. It is crucial to understand where to invest to prevent the budget from spiraling out of control. There is a shortage of high-quality, redesigned properties on the market, and new constructions are significantly more expensive, which ensures consistent demand for renovated apartments.

We are ready to share our knowledge

No more than once a month we send useful material on how best to sell, rent and renovate a property based on our experience and expert opinion

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We are seeking partners

We are looking for agencies across Europe, specifically in Italy, to collaborate with us in entering new markets and offering clients innovative ways to sell real estate.

We are seeking partners

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We are currently operating in Italy, specifically in the provinces of Milan and Como.

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